So long, Farewell!

I hate to say this, but I have to go.
Not from the Spiral, but elsewhere, who knows?
Traveling with friends is the best.
But now, this blog has been laid down to rest.

Traveling little by little was amazing!
But on this day, this blog started changing.
I made a long hard decision about rearranging,
But everything I did was not the best.
(Ha! You thought I was going to rhyme with rearranging.)

I say these words, out of heartfelt love,
But now this blog flew off like a dove.

I spent 2 months thinking about you (W101 & P101 friends),
And realized that for this blog, there is nothing I can do.
I tried to convince myself, that this was just a faze,
But everything I did was in a blurry haze.

So farewell my friends, on this blog of some sorts,
For there is one blog that I have done, that takes me to the ports.
A Housing Manual, is all I can see,
But every time I think of you (Pirate101), I just can’t breathe.

So I made a new job, and set it out to sail,
Because to me, a Housing Manual is all that prevails.
So set off with me to these great worlds of the Spiral,
And maybe one day, my blog might be viral.

Thank you guys for journeying with me on this blog, it was wonderful. I really appreciate all of the feedback, and all of the wonderful thoughts you guys had to say. You guys are the reason I stayed with this blog for so long, but I think it’s time to turn over a new/old leave, and revive a Housing Manual once more. This will be the last time I ever create/go back to a blog of mine. I feel as if I have done enough of them. So please feel free to come over to a Housing Manual and join me with my final adventure throughout the Spiral. Thanks guys and gals!

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